Email Marketing

Avoid being marked as a spammer by getting an email marketing plan with unsubscribe handling.

Email Marketing Plans

Email Marketing Beginner

Just getting started.
  • Up to 500 Contacts
  • Add more anytime
  • Send up to 5,000 Emails/Month
  • Single Signup Form
  • Unsubscribe Handling
  • Works with Facebook, Etsy & More

$9.99 / per month

Email Marketing Up & Running

Established email marketers.
  • Up to 2,500 Contacts
  • Add more anytime
  • Send up to 25,000 Emails/Month
  • Unlimited Signup Forms
  • Unsubscribe Handling
  • Works with Facebook, Etsy & More
  • Automated Welcome Email
  • Converts Blog Posts to Email
  • Hot Leads List
  • Add To Cart

$14.99 / per month

Website Security Express

Immediate fix + protection.
  • Protect one site
  • 30-minute response time
  • Unlimited malware removal
  • Blacklist monitoring & removal
  • WAF malware prevention
  • CDN performance booster

$299.99 / per year

Email Marketing Features


Add Contacts

Our email marketing plans grow with you. You can get your contact limit increased any time.


Signup Forms

You can create easy signup forms to use on your website or all by themselves.



Avoid being added to spam lists by letting your recipients manage their subscriptions.


Integrate your email marketing campaigns with social media and other sites like Etsy.


Some plans offer automated features, like a welcome email or birthday messages.


Blog to Email

Convert blog posts to emails with some plans, saving time for you and your subscribers.

Why Can’t I Use My Business Email For Marketing?

Email providers are only allowed to provide email services as long as they can provide some assurance that they are preventing spam. If you send bulk messages regularly, have any invalid recipients, or get marked as spam by a recipient, they get in trouble. They will respond by limiting your ability to send, or stopping it all together. But I’m not sending spam, my recipients want my messages … Sure, but email service providers don’t know that. They just look at the logs and follow the rules.

There is still a great need to be able to communicate with team members, employees, customers, and clients through bulk messages. And, marketing through email is very effective. So how do you make sure your messages come from your business email address and still follow good sending practices? You use an email marketing product. It lets you send from the email address of your choice, but it processes through a special system with its own rules. It validates your recipients and makes sure they have “opted in” to your messages. Plus, it lets you manage your mailing lists more effectively, create a branded design for your emails, and market your service or product more effectively. Using an email marketing product gives you legitimacy.